Canon 80D buying guide for 2019

The Canon 80D is one of the most reliable options for cameras due to the quality of their hardware and software. You’ll be able to use this device for a photography business or for simple recreation activities, however, the price isn’t cheap, and for that reason, a buying guide is necessary to save extra money and get this camera at the best possible price.

There are some different ways and choices when it comes to buying the Canon 80D, in a bundle, buying a refurbished one or simply getting a used one. To see what’s the best option, let’s describe every one of them:

Buying the Canon 80D bundle

If the money is not a limitation for you, then this is the most reliable option to avoid any problems with the product and making a safe purchase with legal protection and the possibility of a refund if the camera is not what you expected.

Canon 80D bundle

You can find different Canon 80D bundles that include the camera and some other different products that can be of your help like spare parts or accessories.

The most common and top-rated sites where you can acquire the Canon 80D bundle are online shops like eBay, Amazon, and even in Canon’s official store, but, if you are like more the normal stores, then you also can get it in every technology store in the US. The price of this item, in particular, is around $710 and $810, bundle prices depend on what kind of accessories or extra products are being included.

Buying it already used for another person

The most common option for the ones who want to save money, but, buying a used item has the risk (more if it’s a camera) of receiving it in deplorable conditions, missing parts and with no refund option. However, if you select the right seller, you will not have any type of problem. The best-rated and secure site to buy a used Canon 80D is eBay, but, if you’re lucky, you can also find it in garage sales. The price of a used camera of this type depends on the condition, but, remember that is always cheaper than a new one.

Buying a Canon 80D refurbished

Canon 80D refurbished

This is probably the least favorite option, because, but the Canon 80D refurbished can save you a lot of money a new uni. But if you don’t know exactly what problem the camera has had before and it’s always a possibility that you are being scammed with the product, however, if the seller is a reliable person, friend or a family member, then you can rest assured.

The life cycle of the refurbished Canon 80D can be slightly reduced if you buy it in this stage, but, if you need one good quality camera for a short amount of time then maybe this option suits you. The price of the refurbished items is not always the same, because, you also going to expend more money if the camera has problems.